Want to get in touch?

Send me an email: kath dot parklover at gmail dot com

Parklover has a google page rank of 5 and is now accepting adverts for relevant products, services, events etc. Please email me and we can discuss rates.

Tweet me: @parklover1

All photos and words on this site are the work of Kath Horwill unless otherwise stated.

If you’d like to use my photos, please contact me first for permission.


4 Responses to Contact

  1. Heather Wilkinson says:

    What a fabulous idea!Thank you so much,really helpful.The photographs are stunning.

  2. Sharon Wagg says:

    Hi Kath

    I love your blog. If you are heading to Bristol let me know and I’ll highlight some great places to run. I have linked to your blog. Take a look at mine which loosely has a similar theme to yours.

    I just want to get people outdoors exploring local open spaces and parks and get running!

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