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Ashes to splashes: Blackleach Country Park, Walkden

I love the number of nature reserves near us which have risen, phoenix like, from a grey and smoky past, reclaimed from the clutches of industry to become green and tranquil havens once more. We’ve driven past Blackleach Country Park … Continue reading

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Central Manchester Parks

Kate Feld, over at The Manchizzle, posted a really interesting round up of some of the key topics from the Future Everything’s City Debate recently. A lively debate ensued in the comments, particularly around the subject of city centre parks … Continue reading

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Clowes Park, Broughton

MAP WEBPAGES Sometimes the best activities are unplanned and spontaneous. I’d offered to drop a friend off at Prestwich Metrolink station this afternoon. The sun was shining and I had the A-Z in the car, so I decided to see … Continue reading

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Mandley Park, Broughton

MAP LOCAL GOV WEBPAGES Mandley Park is in my repertoire of “shopper’s guilt” destinations. If I need to take CJ into Manchester to go shopping for something, I like to stop at a park on the way back to give … Continue reading

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Clifton Country Park, Salford

MAP LOCAL GOV WEBPAGES I had a glowing recommendation for Clifton Country Park from the writer of the excellent My Shitty Twenties blog when I met her at the Manchester bloggers meetup last week.¬† Not one to ignore¬† a park … Continue reading

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Princes Park, Irlam

MAP LOCAL GOV WEBPAGE We were off to watch Mr Parklover play cricket in Irlam, so the A-Z came out and the local park duly located. There’s an impressive range of facilities on offer here and the park is behind … Continue reading

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Buile Hill Park, Salford

MAP I’m starting to realise where I get the obsession from – my Dad’s been staying with us this weekend and brought me a brew in bed this morning before promptly asking “shall we go out to a park, the … Continue reading

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