Heading for the hills: A day out in Saltaire

united roefrm church, saltaireI’d love to go and see the David Hockney: A Bigger Picture exhibition currently on at the Roya Academy, but I can’t see me getting the opportunity. Instead we decided to to take a trip to Saltaire yesterday and check out the collection of David Hockney works exhibited at Salt’s Mill.

Saltaire is a UNESCO World Heritage Site – a textile mill and model village built after textile manufacturer Titus Salt made the decision to move his business and employees a few miles away from the pollution of Bradford for cleaner air and greener surroundings. It was completed in 1876 and when production stopped in the 1980s, the mill was converted into a gallery exhibiting the work of Bradford-born David Hockney.

The mill was out first port of call – we parked easily in the large, free car park after a 45 minute journey form Manchester. David Hockney is the kind of artist I’d recommend for young children (CJ is nearly five) as a lot of his works are large and colourful and a feast for small eyes – and grown-up ones obviously.

25 Trees is the new show by David Hockney on the 3rd floor of the mill, showing vivid portraits of Hockney’s friends and family, as well as i-pad and i-phone works in the projection room and some 27-foot long pictures of trees produced using photographs.

When CJ had had enough of admiring the artworks we had a look at the excellent bookshop on the second floor. There are three cafes here which looked very inviting, but had queues when we visited, so we headed into the village and ate at the Victorian Tea Rooms there before having a mooch around.

There are many impressive buildings ,as you would probably expect from a World Heritage Site. Above is the Grade 1 listed United Reform Church, just opposite the mill.

We had a wander up Victoria Road and I had a little look in Rose and Brown, a lovely vintage shop…

Rose and Brown, SaltaireWe cut down some of the neat residential streets with views back down to the church…

saltaire streetWe crossed over the railway line and the canal…

canal saltairesaltaireAnd into the recently restored and voerhauled Roberts Park. You knew there’d be a park didn’t you? And what a beautiful park it is. As soon as CJ caught sight of the playground, she was off. It has a spectacular setting, opposite the mill itself.

roberts park, saltaireroberts park, saltaireA very impressive playground, with lots of lovely features like a wooden playhouse and some skate ramps populated by lads on scooters. But CJ’s favourite? The very cool trampoline!

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7 Responses to Heading for the hills: A day out in Saltaire

  1. What a nice day out! I keep meaning to visit Saltaire but it feels so far away on public transport.

    • Parklover says:

      Yes, it was lovely!
      It’s a shame there’s no train direct from Manchester, but you can get there changing once at Leeds. The railway station in Saltaire is right next to the mill, park and main shopping street, so you’re right there as soon as you step off the train.
      If you have a look at Rose and Brown’s website, they sometimes organise vintage fairs in the village too – I might have to pop back next time there’ one on!

  2. Playhouse says:

    I’d love to go on a boathouse like that one day! 😀

  3. I love your pictures! x

  4. Cass says:

    I love how the park makes some use of the enviroment it’s in! Looks a little more natural that way!

  5. A very nice site! Well done.
    If you get time and chance check-out mine.
    Best regards – Dave.

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