Last year’s Latitude

Apparently there was a drought in east England last year. Well, not when I visited for the Latitude Festival there wasn’t. That’s me, grinning through gritted teeth and gripping a pint as though my life depended on it.

It’s around this time of year that festival organisers start to drip feed tempting titbits about their summer lineups. It’s making me cast my mind back to last year’s experience, which was fab despite the grotty weather, smelly mud and epic four hour car journey (which would have been bad enough, but yours truly was the driver).

I was persuaded that Latitude is the way forward by my best friend, a Latitude veteran who recommends the mix of music, literary events, cabaret and comedy. As ever, her advice was impeccable. Our highlights were The National, Bellowhead, the ‘Instigate Debate’, and Dr Brown, a cabaret artiste who speaks not a word but does unspeakable things with apron strings.

The setting of Latitude is just beautiful and if  I do go again, I’d really like to make time for a trip to the nearby seaside resort of Southwold. It was a very long way to travel from Manchester though, so maybe I’ll try to find a festival a bit nearer to home this year.

The 2012 Latitiude lineup will be announced on March 5th. I’ll have to have a sneaky look, and who knows? I may just be tempted…


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2 Responses to Last year’s Latitude

  1. I was at Latitude last year and had a good time, although the rain got to me. I was working with Oxfam so had to be on site on the Monday before. A full week in a soggy field is a bit much!

    • Parklover says:

      Must admit, 4 days in a soggy field was enough for me, let alone a week. It was really good though and I wouldn’t have discovered the brilliant Dr Brown if I hadn’t wandered into the cabaret tent for shelter during a downpour!

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