Springwater Park: The clear up

Well, this poor blog has been much neglected of late. A combination of factors has led to my lack of action, not least of which has been preparing myself for a new job which starts imminently.

I’ve been at the park just as often as usual though, and have a huge backlog of photos to get through, so any posts I manage at the moment are likely to be more photos than word.

I thought I’d mark my return with an update on Springwater Park, one of the most commented on parks featured on this blog. The pipeline works which have prevented access to some parts of the park are happily now complete, so I thought it was time to check out how the park is looking now the lorries have gone.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to find little trace of the work. The scenes above are from the affected area on the path down from the entrance on Radcliffe New Road – apart from the butterfly which was spotted down nearer the river.

Has anyone else visited this area of Springwater Park since the works have finished? What do you think of the clear up?

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2 Responses to Springwater Park: The clear up

  1. Jim says:

    Thanks for the great review! Really great that people like you are in the world – to appreciate what God gave us. Going to take my daughter down to the river tomorrow, to spot butterflies and feed the ducks! Congratulations on the new job, Kath! What is it you’re doing now? Jim and Family.

    • Parklover says:

      Many thanks for your kind comments Jim, I hope you and your daughter have a lovely time down by the river.I’m teaching part time at a sixth form college. I love it, but it’s currently not leaving me much time for writing! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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