Good beach guide

The Marine Conservation Society has today launched its latest guide to the best UK beaches in terms of water quality.

I’m delighted to see that Formby, our local favourite gets the thumbs up from the MCS. There’s a great search facility on their website and I found some other north west beaches that I may well check out if it ever stops raining around here. Not only is there information on water quality, but lots of other useful stuff, such as nearby facilities, accessibility and what activities the beach is suitable for.

A brilliant resource for lovers of the outdoors.

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2 Responses to Good beach guide

  1. Gorgeous pics! Makes me want to go to the beach now. I am so landlocked, here in the midlands, could go in any direction and eventually hit a beach. But would be good to know the best ones!

    • Parklover says:

      The search facility on the MCS website is ace. I was checking the train times to get to Wallasey beach after finding it on the northwest section!

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