Lynton and Lynmouth

I’m pleased with this photo but I can’t really claim any credit for it. The view from the top of the cliff railway in Lynton is so beautiful and the weather was so clear when we visited, that it was just a case of point and click. No editing required except for popping a little frame around it.

Lynton and Lynmouth are what you might describe as “officially quaint”. Lynmouth is all thatched cottages, with a river running down past the fudge shops, harbour and rocky beach into the sea. There’s a lovely playground next to a putting green in Lynmouth, where you can push your nipper on a swing whilst gazing out over the coastline.

The funicular railway takes you up an incredibly steep cliff to Lynton. You have to pause at the top to take in the view. It doesn’t even look real, it’s almost as if someone painted a backdrop, in the manner of a mural on the wall of a 70s Italian restaurant.

If you’re in Devon I’d say Lynton and Lynmouth are worth a visit for the cliff railway and that view alone!

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2 Responses to Lynton and Lynmouth

  1. I came over for a look after Linda mentioned your posts on her Have a Lovely Time round-up.
    These photos are just gorgeous and have reminded me of the beauty we have in this country.

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