Woolacombe beach

A smooth, flat curve of sand stretches out in front of you in Woolacombe, like an oversized running track. Or maybe that’s just the way my mind works; I wished I had my running gear with me when we visited. The most strenuous excercise I got was jogging to the shore with my daughter so that we could watch the surfers getting to grips with the waves which are so renowned in these parts.

Unfortunately, the weather was disappointing when we visited Woolacombe. A morning of rain didn’t put the surfers off – they’re going to get wet anyway I suppose. We, on the other hand, took the opportunity to have a mooch around the many surfy type shops in the little town and get some ice cream a healthy snack.

Even a miserable day can’t dim the beauty of Woolacombe beach though, and an advantage of the lack of sun was a much quieter beach than you’d get on a sunny afternoon. Sometimes it’s nice to trade the sun on your face for some space around you – until we got too cold that is!

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3 Responses to Woolacombe beach

  1. Mama Syder says:

    Beautiful photo’s! North Devon is my favourite place in the whole world. I used to live just down the rd from Woolacombe in Appledore. Westward Ho was within walking distance of our house another beautiful beach.

    • Parklover says:

      Hi – we didn’t get quite as far as Westward Ho or Appledore, as we were only there a few days. It’s a really beautiful area. I’d love to live near the sea – do you miss it, or stiil live near the coast?

      • Mama Syder says:

        I miss Appledore so much. The house we lived in there backed on to the River Torridge…It was beautiful but we gave it all up to be here in Essex near our Granddaughter. It was well worth it and I dont regret the move one bit as we get to see her lots now but my heart still aches for Devon.
        We do live coastal now but its nothing like North Devon x

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