Combe Martin beach

We’ve been on our travels again this time to North Devon, staying just above the beautiful Combe Martin beach . When I say above, I really mean it; see those white dots perched far up on the cliffs in the middle of the photo? That’s where we stayed, nestled against a fence with a sign on saying “Warning – cliff edge”. The slightly scary element of our location was compensated for by going to bed to only the sound of the wind, the sea and a hooting owl.

We stayed at the John Fowler Sandaway Beach site. Lovely and quiet, ideal for families and with a heated outdoor pool which we had a couple of dips in.

The beach at Combe Martin is brilliant for rockpooling, with rocks either side of the beach at low tide and a path around the cliffs with rockpools either side. Tidal ranges are extreme here and it would be easy to get cut off, so it’s worth getting hold of tide timetables. We picked up a tourist leaflet with one in from our caravan site, and there’s a tourist office just by the beach in Combe Martin.

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3 Responses to Combe Martin beach

  1. Oh wow! I would love to camp at the top of there with the sea views, but i’d be terrified about the kids near the edge!

    • Parklover says:

      There is a camping field on the site, but we didn’t check it out. I imagine it’s a bit further from the edge than we were! Didn’t find it a problem to be fair (other than freaking me out a bit when the wind was blowing), there wasn’t room to play on the grass outside the caravan anyway so that wasn’t an issue. There’s a playground well away from any cliffs.

  2. Jeannie says:

    I am from the U.S., Oregon coastal area. Some of your beach pictures reminded me of the central coast of Oregon. Very pretty, especially when it sun shines.

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