Blue Monday: The Irwell Valley Trail

What better way to spend the Easter Bank Holiday weekend than a mooch along this former railway line, seeking out the spectacular views of bluebells tumbling down the steep banks at the sides of the path. It’s not just bluebells on display here, but pink and red campion, celandine, cow parsley and a wealth of birds and butterflies.

The trail extends from the bridge next to Asda in Radcliffe to the footbridge over the M60 into Philips park. If you want to see the best of the bluebells, you can park in one of two carparks on Ringley Road; there is one marked “Outwoods Country Park” and another smaller one just before this, as you travel from Whitefield. Come out of either carpark, turn right, follow the footpath along the side of Ringley Road, past Ringley Car Sales, and head down the steep path marked “Wood Street Station”. At the bottom of the path turn right and head under the bridge.


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2 Responses to Blue Monday: The Irwell Valley Trail

  1. Jenny paulin says:

    What beautiful photos you have taken, really lovely

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