A warm welcome is, er, welcome

It’s always nice to turn up at a park and be met at the entrance by a welcome sign and a lovely, big, bright map and information board.

That’s what we got today at Debdale Park.

Full post will be up soon…

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2 Responses to A warm welcome is, er, welcome

  1. Emily says:

    It looks like a great park and I might be visiting very soon as there is a compost masterclass being held there soon!
    It’s part of the WRAP theme for Compost Awareness Week which is ‘Pass It On’ – so the idea will be to go along, learn and then come back and pass on the knowledge learnt from the class!

    • Parklover says:

      Hi Emily, that sounds really interesting. I want to start composting to cut down on waste. I lived in Germany for a while many years ago and you had to separate your rubbish, including compost. Not so nice when you lived near the top of a high rise and it was your turn to take the “biomull” down to the communla bins, but an excellent idea nonetheless!

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