Lostock Park, Stretford

It’s not very often that I don’t enjoy writing a post on my blog. Sifting through photos, trying to sum up facilities in a few hundred words, so that I don’t bore you senseless with how wonderful a place is, it’s not a hardship.

I don’t feel like that about today’s post though, I just feel sad.

I really wanted to like Lostock Park. It’s very close to The Trafford Centre and is a great sized green space, wedged between a housing estate and an industrial depot. It’s a place that should be acting as an important buffer between people’s homes and piles of pallets and lines of lorries.

To an extent it is just that. As I said, it’s a pretty big and open space. Effort has gone into this place; there’s a fairly recently done playground alongside some rather more “vintage” equipment, there’s a skate bowl which looked like it would be great if you know what you’re doing on a skateboard. There’s also a number of large wooden animal sculptures around the playing field. I saw a poster for a Friends of the Park meeting.

See, I’m trying to be positive. There are people who are trying here. The great work done by volunteers, trying to make their local park a place the community can enjoy never ceases to amaze me.

However, the photos tell you what you need to know. Every surface is plastered with graffitti. We picked our way past copious piles of dog poo in order to get across the grass and check out the fox sculpture. It had had its snout removed.

There were not many children at this park. In fact, we didn’t see many people at all, mainly dogwalkers. I’m not surprised.

In fairness, CJ enjoyed herself, skippety skipping around the playground. I’m pretty sure that was just because it was somewhere new.

I don’t think she’d be quite as happy if this was her local playground.

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4 Responses to Lostock Park, Stretford

  1. Gorgeous collage of parks and colour. I’m sure I’ve been to Lostock Park; my ex (Amy’s biological father) lived in Northwich and I think he took me there back in the olden days! Late 90’s it would have been.

    CJ xx

  2. It’s such a shame Lostock Park is so neglected. As you point out the Friends group do try to make improvements but are often thwarted by Trafford Council who try to reduce maintenance costs at every turn. Also this park has no full time or dedicated park staff and this shows the neglect that this inevitably occurs when only mobile teams are used and no-one takes ownership or pride in their work. So so sad.

    • Parklover says:

      Hi Shelly, thanks for your wise words (in case anyone else is reading this, Shelly heads up the friends team at a park very close to Lostock Park.)
      A dedicated staff member would make a big difference here, they are so important in giving a park a “safe” feeling and encouraging more people to use it/discouraging anti-social behaviour.
      It was a bit of a ghost town there, I imagine a lot of people head down the road to your park, where the atmosphere is a world away.

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