Stamford Park, Altrincham

I visited Stamford Park in Altrincham when I was researching the post I wrote about artist Amanda McCrann.

I realised I’d never got around to blogging about the park itself, which is a shame as it’s a lovely place. All leafy and tranquil, overlooked by old houses.

There are two very nice playgrounds here, as well as Amanda’s lovely mosaic stepping stones, some wood carvings of different types of leaves and a giant frog.

Another catch up post. We go to so many parks, I sometimes forget to blog about them!

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2 Responses to Stamford Park, Altrincham

  1. lovely. I’m going to pack a picnic and visit x

    • Parklover says:

      It’s wuite nice to combine it with a trip to Dunham Massey which is just down the road. We went there first and walked round the gardens, then stopped off at Stamfors park so CJ could go on the playground.

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