Provincial towns you jog round

My joints breathed a sigh of relief this evening.

I’ve been running in the evening a fair bit recently and in winter that means pounding the pavements.

However a duo of *good things* coincided tonight, enabling me to go off road. An earlier than usual appearance by Mr Parklover, coupled with a bright sunny day, left me with just about enough time for a run around Hurst Wood before the light faded.

Actually, I thought the sunset might be quite spectacular tonight, after such a sunny day. It wasn’t anything special – but stepping off the pavement and onto a dirt track was special, and so was the feint whiff of soil and manure as I ran, rather than the tinny burn of exhaust fumes in my nostrils.

Lighter nights will bring more off road running. I can’t wait, and neither can my joints.



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4 Responses to Provincial towns you jog round

  1. bearrunner says:

    I breathed a sigh of relief with the beginning of March. I am in Nova Scotia and an old rail line has been transformed into a 50k path that is amazing to run on and I can’t wait to get on it again! The the longer daylight hours… A good sign


    • Parklover says:

      A 50km path sounds amazing. Funnily enough, I often run on an old railway line which is now a trail, but sadly it’s more like 5km long than 50km! It’s fab though, and it actually links up with the run I did tonight (it would have been much too dark there tonight though.)
      There’s nothing like running through woods, I love it. Cross country’s great in winter, but I miss training on the trails.

  2. Spring is starting to spring, lovely photo’s

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