End of the season

Cross country running probably seems like a very odd thing to enjoy, but I do. Today I ran the last cross country run of the season and it was certainly the muddiest.

The course around Boggart Hole Clough is still my favourite though, despite the fact that I struggled to stay verticle through the sticky, claggy, squelchy mud. I tried to avoid the worst of the mud by staying at the edge of the path, but only succeeded in tripping over tree roots and nearly blinding myself on the overhanging branches. At times I felt like I was starring in a slow motion scene in a horror film; stumbling as fast as I could go (not very) through impossible terrain, frantically pushing the branches out of the way, scratching my legs on brambles.

I took these photos shortly before a shower, followed by a bath and a scrub. I ran cross country in my youth and I remember my Mum hosing me down in a bucket in the garden after one particularly grim cross country race. Probably a sensible plan, but it’s my house and my plumbing now, so I’ll shower if I want to.

For some reason I enjoy it though. And as an added bonus, I may have won a prize in the 35-40 agegroup. I have to be specific there and not describe it as an over 35 prize – in fact the winners of the over 40 and over 45 categories were much faster than me.

Still, it’s nice to win something – I knew there must be some benefits of getting older.

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