Yorkshire Sculpture Park

When I told CJ we were heading to Yorkshire Sculpture Park, she was not convinced. As usual she wondered where the playground was. As usual, I pointed out that one of her favourite places is Walkden Gardens where there is not a swing in sight.

Any concerns she may have had were wiped away once she clapped eyes on the amazing sight of vast acres of parkland. It’s beautiful enough in itself, but the addition of a huge variety of sculptures to run around, gaze at and, in many cases, stroke, transform the site into a magical world. These sculptures must seem even more awesome if you are one metre tall like my daughter. Fortunately, she was not freaked out by sights such as a giant rabbit banging a drum.

We spent most of out time looking at the temporary exhibition of works by David Nash. This is only on until February 27th. I can’t emphasise this enough; if you can get to Yorkshire Sculpture Park before it finishes, do it. The wooden sculptures in the outdoor gardens and indoor galleries are stunning. Don’t miss the film in the Bothy Gallery of “The Boulder” tracing the progress of a boulder made from wood and released into a stream. The film shows the boulder’s progress over 25 years along the river, into the estuary and out to sea. It was last seen in 2003.

If I have not sold you on Yorkshire Sculpture Park already, there is a cafe with fabulous views and fabulous cake. You will not be disappointed.

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3 Responses to Yorkshire Sculpture Park

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  2. That looks amazing!!! Especially love the rabbit one.
    And yes, fabulous cake is always a good back-up plan.

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