Parents for Playgrounds

As you know, we like to spend as much time as possible outdoors, running around in the fresh air. We’re fortunate to have a choice of great playgrounds within striking distance, but I know it’s not the same for everyone. I really believe that all kids should have access to a great playground, but sadly it’s not always the case.

I’m thrilled that Ready for Ten, a website I contribute to, has launched a campaign headed up by guest editor Patsy Kensit, giving families and communities the chance to improve their local playgrounds. If your local playspace is in need of a spruce, or a downright makeover, you can nominate and be in with a chance of winning a bursary of up to £15,000 to improve your playground, as well as help with the design.

Interested in nominating your local park? Check out the details and how to nominate at Ready for Ten. Good luck!

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4 Responses to Parents for Playgrounds

  1. what a fantastic idea. I have a park near me, the council refused to fund a refit for the playground and so a group of parents raised the cash – the result is brilliant and so much more special.
    thanks for the comment today. Why is it that men are so anti-camping?? over and over people have commented today women love it/men don’t. I say; go mums and kids. I’ve had a couple of great weekends with girlfriends and kids camping.
    Camping is such good fun and kids love it, enjoy your trip.

    • Parklover says:

      Ah, thanks! So many fab places to camp not too far from us, so it’ll be easy to give it a go.

      Interesting to hear about your local playground too; it seems that happens a lot. There are loads of people who’ve formed “Friends” groups for their local park, got funding and done things up themselves. And this was before all the cuts.

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  3. As strong advocates for outdoor play, we at Eureka! The National Children’s Museum applaud Play England and Robinsons Fruit Shoot’s Parents for Playgrounds initiative. And full marks to Patsy Kensit for fronting this great campaign.

    The more that can be done to preserve, extend and create high quality outdoor play areas for children the better. It’s essential that we don’t let this fall off the agenda due to shifting local authority priorities and loss of funds so it’s fantastic to see some support coming from the private sector to ensure this doesn’t happen.

    While we need the parents to take the initiative and nominate their play areas, let’s be sure that it’s the children who determine what’s needed to make them great places for kids to play.

    We completed an outdoor sensory trail/play area last summer and from the outset consultation with children heavily influenced the design, content and experience. Some of the ideas the children put forward that are incorporated into the finished trail include lots of herbs to smell and feel; areas to attract worms, ants and centipedes; stepping stones, cracked paving to walk on and thick grass and mud to sink your bare feet into; wind chimes; different shaped willow huts to eat and hide in; flowers for colour and smell; and a space to play with water. Put the kids in charge and your average community playground will be transformed into a place of exploration, discovery and adventure where outdoor play and learning are second nature.

    Our Projects Director Tudor Gwynn shares his top tips on consulting with children on our blog

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