Plans for Whitefield Town Hall – Public Meeting

Whitefield residents have sadly got used to the sorry sight of the old town hall – first boarded up and vandalised and now partially demolished. It stands within a small but lovely park which may be affected by the plans currently submitted for the building’s development.

You can check them out here under reference 53353

You may have some opinions about this development, or just want to find out more. Local campaigners have organised a public meeting to discuss the proposals. It will be held at the Elms Community Centre, Green Lane, Whitefield on Sunday 13th February at 2.30 pm.


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3 Responses to Plans for Whitefield Town Hall – Public Meeting

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  2. Jane Heywood says:

    Yes it’s sad that they can’t spend money on doing old buildings up instead of wasting money on building new buildings -that don’t last half as long. Once an old building has gone we have been stripped of another part of our history which will never be seen again, we sgould hold on to all the older buildings and knock down the trash that were built in the 50s/60’s and copy the older styles.

  3. brian r dawson says:

    It would appear that the owners who allowed …and possibly encouraged this fine and much loved local landmark to fall into total ruin are to get another two years before construction starts .
    How happy they will be when not one brick from the original building sits on top of another .
    Personally I hope they go Bankrupt before they make a penny .

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