Bookworms and Nature Lovers

I recently wrote about our visit to Blackleach Country Park in Walkden and mentioned that we’d spotted some unusual ducks and could do with a wildlife book to help us identify our finds.

Well, I found just the thing today. And, even better, I found a lovely independent bookshop in which to buy it. Rubbish weather led us to spend some time in the marvellous, multistorey cultural mecca that is Bolton Art Gallery, Museum, Library and Aquarium. Yes, all those things in one building and all free. Amazing. However, I digress. Just around the corner of our favourite place to look at fish, play with Noah’s Ark, admire pictures and read books, is a really lovely bookshop with a great children’s section and friendly owner. Sweetens Bookshop is even housed in an attractive old building, I had to go in, I was powerless to resist!

I spotted just what I wanted. Usbourne’s “Spotter’s Guide to Nature” fits the bill perfectly. It has lovely illustrations, as appealing to a nearly four year old as they are to me, and it even has a score section at the back, where you can tick off the wild flowers, leaves, birds and beasts you’ve spotted and keep a running total of your spotter’s score with more points being given the rarer the spot. I can’t wait to get going with it, I think me and CJ will have many happy times identifying butterflies and ducks. No longer will I be forced to keep saying “I don’t know, I’ll have to find out”!

Discovering a lovely independent bookshop and finding exactly the kind of book I’ve been looking for. Bit of a result I’m sure you’ll agree! Great bookshops are worth their weight in gold – do you have a favourite local independent? I’d love to read your recommendations.

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5 Responses to Bookworms and Nature Lovers

  1. Chris Mosler says:

    Oh…possibly the perfect post! That bookshop looks divine! Usborne are so reliable. Have you logged on to the Woodland Trust’s Nature Detectives site yet?…it is absolutley fantastic and right up your street.
    We have a wonderful independent bookshop in our town called Hunting Raven, I think you would like it!

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  3. beatingthebounds says:

    Being an acknowledged tightwad a bookshop has to have a good second-hand section to keep me happy. Our local is Carnforth Book Shop is fabulous. Another which I really like is maybe within day trip range for yourselves, Scarthin Books at Cromford – it has a cafe too, which used to be excellent (I haven’t been for ages unfortunately).

    • Parklover says:

      Bookshops recommendations, you are spoiling me! I have to say, this one had a great sale table, and the owner knocked a few quid off a book I bought because “it’s a bit grubby” (I hadn’t noticed).
      I’m on a budget at the moment, so it’s usually the library for me (I was present buying in Bolton). We went to Todmorden recently, there are a few second hand bookshops there that looked good, but they were closed as it was late sunday afternoon.

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