Queens of Clitheroe Castle

There are stunning views from the Norman Keep at Clitheroe and I know because, despite not being fond of heights, I climbed up there this week. Obviously, CJ wanted to climb up the steps to the keep and I don’t want her to think that not very big hills are anything to worry about – so up the steps we went.

Just behind the keep there is a museum, cafe, shop and slightly bonkers “creative space” with panpipes and a kaleidoscope (CJ loved this, see below) – a lot of money has been spent since I last came here a few years ago. We gave the museum a miss and, after checking out the “creative” space, we headed down to the playground, via the fabulous pebble mosaic on the path behind the castle. CJ was transfixed by it.

I managed to a bit of window shopping on the picturesque streets too – I love these paintings in the Revolve Gallery by Olivia Pilling. We settled for the cheaper option of buying a caramel shortcake form a nearby baker, and eating it in the car. It’s a glamorous life we lead.

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3 Responses to Queens of Clitheroe Castle

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  2. Chris Mosler says:

    This looks like a perfect day out and your photos are FANTASTIC! I love that last one it is brilliant. Thanks so much for linking to Something for the Weekend, this is a wonderful addition! x

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