Putting a spring in our step: Spring Wood, Whalley

“It’s a lovely forecast today, what do you fancy doing?”

“I want to go…to a FOREST!”

“A forest? Okay, why’s that?”

“We might see a wolf! We might find WOLF TREASURE!”

“Yes, we might…We probably won’t though.”

We settled on a trip to Clitheroe. Very unlikely to involve wolf treasure, but guaranteed to offer a winning combination of forest and a castle. These photos are of the “forest” section of our daytrip – okay, they’re clearly woods and I cheated a bit. However, Spring Woods near Whalley make a brilliant picnic stop just outside Clitheroe.

The weather was amazing yesterday, we could have actually had a picnic outside, but the benches were a bit too wet. There was an ice cream van parked up though, despite it being a Monday in January. I imagine that means that this spot gets very busy in spring and summer.

We burned our glamorous car picnic off with a short circular walk up the hill, alongside the tinkling stream. As you get towards the top of the hill, you catch glimpses through the skeletal trees of the beautiful rolling hills this part of Lancashire is well known for. We headed down the hill adjacent to the edge of the woods, with the sun in our eyes.

“Mummy, we should have bought our sunglasses!”

“Yes, but it’s January. I’ve packed hats, gloves and rainsuits. I didn’t think we were going to get blinded by the sun!”



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2 Responses to Putting a spring in our step: Spring Wood, Whalley

  1. Chris Mosler says:

    Ah, lovely, I do like a woodland walk especially in the I can almost smell springtime! Do you fancy linking up on Friday? I am running a Something for the Weekend slot and would love to have some places to go posts! Would be lovely to see you there, fine if not! x

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