When is a lido not a lido? Clarence Park, Bury

I find lot of parks to visit by leafing through my well worn A-Z. When I first moved to Manchester, I saw there was a lido marked at Clarence Park. I got very excited, imaging this kind of place. Sadly for me, Clarence Park Lido is a former boating lake, now just a lake. In fairness, a pleasant place to walk by, and it backs onto some nice woods. Pleasant, but not the artdeco sundrenched swimming spot I may have hoped for.

I’m catching up here, these photos were quite obviously not taken this week, it has being dull as dishwater and chucking it down in these parts. So cheer yourself up with some photos from sunnier times a few months ago. Clarence park has 2 playgrounds, a trim trail, bandstand, and lovely mosaic by Amanda McCrann. Nearer the lido, there’s a skatepark and access to the woods. Just don’t bother bring your swimming cossie.



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3 Responses to When is a lido not a lido? Clarence Park, Bury

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  2. david mcdonald says:

    What a shame – I spent a lot of my teenage years swimming there

  3. dnb says:

    This used to be a proper Lido. I attended the primary school round the corner in the early seventies and remember it well. I also remember it would completely freeze over in the winter and we would walk across it.

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