Runnin’ in the Rain

A new year inevitably brings resolutions, fresh starts and good intentions. I’ve been reading about lots of bloggers determined to get fit in 2011 and there seems to be lots of people taking on challenges like running a marathon for charity.

Taking on a running regime at this time of year has its pitfalls though, not least of which having to go out in dark, rainy weather. Actually, if you can get yourself out there, it can be quite nice to go running in the rain. I’m not talking about hard, driving downpours – I’ve done my fair share of wringing my socks out after a run, and I can’t claim it’s uplifting – but gentle rain and a cool, rather than icy temperature is pleasant once you get going. The right kit can make a rainy run a much less onerous experience – here are my tips:

Cap – some kind of lightweight baseball cap will stop the rain getting in your eyes and is much better than a hood. Buy a white or pale coloured one and it will help visibility if you’re running in the dark and will also be useful on those far off sunny days.

Gillet – I prefer a showerproof gillet to a waterproof with sleeves. Either way, buy a lightweight, breathable one -you quickly get sweaty in a waterproof jacket – and don’t overdo the layers underneath. One long sleeved top under a gillet should be enough.

Lightweight gloves -cold, wet hands when you first set off are not a nice feeling. Once you warm up, you can take these off and carry them.

Running tights – you may prefer to wear looser gym pants to run in, but in the rain they will get sodden and heavy and will feel horrible.

Check out sales at places like Sweatshop and Start Fitness rather than paying full whack – especially if you’re starting from scratch.

Any other runners out there are welcome to leave their wet weather tips in the comments below. If you’re running as a new year’s resolution, or are taking on a challenge for charity, I wish you lots of luck. Don’t let the weather put you off!

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5 Responses to Runnin’ in the Rain

  1. Hello! I have been running for over a year but have never invested in any kit other than proper trainers. But now I see how much better it would be if I did, i hate soggy jogging bottoms flapping round my ankles, brrrr!
    Thanks 😉

  2. Hi there, I’m a runner and I have most of the kit but haven’t cracked the winter/rain proof gear yet as I really don’t want something that will make me really hot, so these are really useful suggestions for me. Also I have had to start running in the gym as I’m in training fora 1/2 marathon and I just don’t really want to run in the dark in the evenings but it’s mindnumbingly dull. Any tips to liven it up a bit – other than the obvious ‘get an ipod’?

    • Parklover says:

      Hi Holly – I run in the dark in the evenings, but I stick to routes where I’m on a pavement next to a busy road. I also don’t wear an ipod so that I can hear everything. It’s not for everyone though, and I know in some areas it’s a definite no-no.
      I sympathise with the treadmill issue, I used to do a alot of training on them. I’ve seen people reading books or magazines whilst on them – I think that would make me feel sick though! I would suggest swapping between treadmill, cross trainer/other similar equipment – although it’s not all running it’ll make time pass more quickly and might enable to do more as you’re not as bored. If you only want to run, you could try alternating your speed every 5 minutes or so. Let’s say you usually run at 9km/hr, do 5 mins at 8.7 then 5 mins at 9.3, then back down to 8.7 etc. I tell myself I can only have a sip of my drink every 5 mins, or every km – try not to look at the time too often!
      Hope that helps x

  3. Holly says:

    Thanks! I think I might try the evenings. But your advice on the treadmill will at least keep me active during the week if I don’t make it out in the evenings.

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