Fun Times at Platt Fields: Part One

Looking back on 2010, I had two of my best days out at Platt Fields in South Manchester. The first of these was on a beautiful late spring afternoon for the opening of the centenary celebrations being held there, during which CJ got her first taste of performance poetry from brilliant local poet Mike Garry. If you’ve never seen Mike perform, check him out on Youtube, have a read of his blog or follow him on Twitter (@mikegarry) for info about his books and where he’s performing next.

The Friends of Platt Fields had commissioned Mike to write a special poem to commemorate local man Sir William Royle persuading the owners of the estate to sell the land to the local authorities so that it could be enjoyed by the people. Unemployed workers were hired to lay out the park and lake, and the Lord Mayor officially opened it in May 1910. You can read more about the History of the park on the Friends of Platt Fields website – you can also find out more about the work they do, and events they organise, which ensure that the park is a fantastic place for everyone in the local community to enjoy.

There was live music, speeches from local dignitaries including local MP Sir Gerald Kaufmann, food and drink, Mike’s brilliant performance, and more than a few misty eyes. Add to this the most beautiful spring blossoms I can remember seeing coupled with sunny skies defying the weather forecast and it made for a pretty perfect afternoon. After all, God is a Manc

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2 Responses to Fun Times at Platt Fields: Part One

  1. Jess says:

    Hello, just found your blog via twitter. I love Platt fields park and spend a lot of time there when visiting my brother in Manchester. Not sure if you’ve ever noticed the big, bright painted signs, but my friend is resident artist there! There was a fab ‘history of Platt fields’ exhibition in the giant house on site (not sure of the name?), lots of lush costumes in there too.

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