Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Morning

I’ve written a couple of articles this winter recommending great parks to go sledging in. I’m lucky to live near Heaton Park, which is fantastic for sledging as it has massive hills to whizz down. However, sometimes the best places for sledging are those random bits of grassy hill in your community that locals know and love. My childhood sledging spot in our village in the West Midlands was known to us as “The Blackberry Patch” as we’d go there fruit picking in the summer. I think most other people in the village called it “The Sandhole”. Either way, officially it doesn’t seem to exist on a map, let alone have a name.
Yesterday morning we woke up to a white Whitefield, so we got the sledge out, crossed the road, headed through the hidden, nameless entrance to our local woods at Springwater Park and had the place virtually to ourselves, save a couple of dogwalkers and another family of hardy sledgers.
Stopping by woods. The perfect way to spend a snowy morning (with apologies to Robert Frost.)

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2 Responses to Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Morning

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  2. David Lomax says:

    I wanted to respond to your comment on my post on the Secret Path blog, but wasn’t sure how to, so ended up here instead.

    That seems kind of appropriate because what I was going to say is that I have mixed feelings about putting Springwater Park “on the map”. Part of its charm is that is very much “left to its own devices”. However, I also worry that it is neglected in some respects and I’m especially concerned at the moment that the effects of the pipeline work do mean that it needs some TLC… Maybe there’s a balance somewhere – if so, it probably is the “road less travelled” to quote a different Robert Frost poem…

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