Park, the herald angels sing

I have nice neighbours. At 7.10 this morning I heard CJ shouting “what’s that noise?”. There was a scraping noise coming from outside, so we headed to the window to investigate. My investigative skills would have been enhanced by putting my glasses on, it’s true, and I did spend a few moments wondering why Mr Parklover was clearing the couple opposite’s drive whilst leaving his car running in the middle of the street. Then I realised it was the guy from opposite, with a new car a bit like Mr Parklover’s, clearing a path to his heavily pregnant wife’s car for her, before he headed off to work.

Very thoughtful, I’m sure you’ll agree, so I didn’t mind that it resulted in my being asked to go and build a snowman at regular intervals from 7.15 onwards. I persuaded CJ that we should wait until it was light/we were dressed, then made our petite snowlady. This is as big as we can get before a little voice whimpers “My toesies are cold” and we have to head back indoors.

We ventured out later for a sledging session, the first time I’ve been since I was a child. We both loved flying down the hills at Heaton Park, and CJ loved being pulled back up the hill to the carpark, when the toesies had frozen again. Me, not so much, but at least it was easier than carrying her.

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2 Responses to Park, the herald angels sing

  1. Jude says:

    Ooh Heaton Park has some good sledging hills does it? I shall bear that in mind, as I couldn’t think of any near us. I’m told Lyme Park is pretty good too.

    • Parklover says:

      Heaton Park is great for sledging Jude, the whole place is on a hill. We had a great time. I’ve not been sledging at Lyme Park, but it is massive and hilly too, so should be good!

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