Sponsored Post: The Cooperative Membership Fund

The Cooperative Membership Fund is a fantastic opportunity for local groups to receive help with projects that benefit their community.

Blogging about parks has brought me into contact with all kinds of amazing groups who spend their time improving local facilities and making their local areas more pleasant for everyone who lives there. I’ve joined in with voluntary groups as they dig vegetable patches for local schools, attended celebrations of the transformation of parks by local “friends” groups and photographed beautiful artwork made by schoolchildren with local artists. I’ve written about arts and music festivals that transform local suburbs into cultural havens. All projects made possible by the hard work of ordinary folk, all projects which make their local areas nicer places to live.

So, I’m delighted to learn about a new way for groups such as these to access funding for their innovative projects. The Cooperative Membership Fund is a registered charity and the fund is made up of donations of Cooperative members who choose to give a percentage of their share in The Cooperative’s profits. The fund keeps things local by keeping the money that members in one region have donated, for use just in that local area.

Are you involved in a group doing community work, that would benefit from grant of between £100 and £2000?

Your group must carry out positive work in the community, but does not have to have charitable status. Your project must be of long term benefit to the local community and address a community issue. It should support Cooperative values and principles and ideally, should be innovative. Check out the Cooperative Membership Fund site for more information about eligibility and to apply online.

The Cooperative Membership Fund

Sponsored Post

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