Hyde Park, Tameside



This is the Hyde Park that is actually in Hyde. I have not been to fancy London, instead I have been to not particularly fancy, but beautiful, sunny, full of community spirited Hyde Park in Tameside.

This Hyde Park has a lovely cafe which is run by Tameside Learning Disability Service in order to give adults with learning difficulties work experience in the catering industry. What a brilliant idea. The cafe is

pictured left, and was surprisingly busy on the Tuesday afternoon when we visited. In fact, the whole park was busy. Probably because it’s a lovely place, well maintained and with a real community feel, from the inclusive nature of the cafe, to the many posters detailing events in the park, and the particularly popular bowling match that was underway on the pristine green.

CJ and I followed the “woodland walk” around the back of the cafe (where there is a new toilet block) past allotments and tennis courts and down some steep steps into a small clough known as the woodland dell.

The path brings you back round to Hyde Park’s beautiful bandstand. If you have beady eyes, you’ll see a small person doing a dance in that bandstand.

Unsurprisingly we spent a fair old while on the playground at Hyde Park. There’s a large area for younger children, fenced off with multi-coloured railings and featuring a wooden boat and lorry, sandpits and lots of small springy things, including a very pretty butterfly which I had to prise CJ out of. In fact, I saw at least one toddler being carried, wailing, away from the playground. Surely a sign of a fun and well designed play area.

Outside the railings there is plenty more fun to be had, and I loved the fact that an actual spider’s web was sparkling in the sun right next to the spider’s web climbing ropes. I can imagine a spider sizing it up, thinking “bring it on, I bet I can do one that big.”

It may not be as famous as its London namesake, but Hyde Park deserves some recognition as a beautiful place with a warmth that doesn’t rely on the weather.

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2 Responses to Hyde Park, Tameside

  1. gerald says:

    Hyde Park has such a lot to offer – I keep meaning to get into the cafe but haven’t made it when it has been open yet. The woodland dell is a fascinating place for a wander. Two things you didn’t mention were the Garden of Remembrance for the victims of Harold Shipman and the new wooded sculpture of a squirrel. I think it is time I had another wander therein myself.

    • Parklover says:

      Hi Gerald – thanks for mentioning those other features. I was spoilt for choice with photos, it’s a lovely park. We liked the water feature in the garden of rememberance, I had realised it was in honour of Shipman’s victims, so thanks for pointing that out. We also liked the squirrel, my daughter was quite taken with him. Kath

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