Walkden Gardens, Sale



There’s something really special about a beautiful garden that you wouldn’t spot from the road. Even better when it’s tucked away on an unassuming suburban road. Don’t be fooled by the name, this hidden treat is in Sale, next to the grammar school, and depsite looking like some kind of National Trust affair, is totally free to visit.

The first time we visited, CJ looked a little disappointed. “Where’s the playground?” was her forlorn enquiry. However, as soon as we left the carpark and entered the magical maze of interconnecting garden “rooms” she was as enchanted as I was.

The tranquility of the Japanese Garden was temporarily shattered as she ran around it screaming with excitement. She also enjoyed hiding in the pergola.

We wandered along the stunning central walkway, stepping off to explore the various different gardens behind hedges. Despite the relatively small area covered by the gardens, it’s completely possible to

get lost in Walkden Gardens, and that’s one of the best things about it. The escapism of stepping off a normal street and discovering something that feels like a well kept secret.

We skipped along under the wisteria arch and hid for a while under the vast canopy of a pine tree.

I’ve been back here since with the rest of my family and we spent ages playing hide and seek, which Walkden Gardens is brilliant for. I wouldn’t play on my own with CJ though, or I really would lose her! Getting lost together in these gardens though, was a lovely experience. This really is one of Greater Manchester’s

hidden gems.

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3 Responses to Walkden Gardens, Sale

  1. Sam says:

    That looks so pretty! I should get the bike ready and hope for good weather this weekend… 🙂

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