Brilliant Bruntwood Brambles

I’ve blogged before about Bruntwood Park in Cheadle and it’s fantastic playgrounds. Yes, plural, there are 3 of them.

Anyway, we decided on a return trip this Bank Holiday Monday. Along with many other families, it turned out. The large carparks were already full by the time we arrived, so we opted to park on the road at the opposite side of the park and hike across towards the playgrounds, stopping along the way for our picnic.

This was a very different experience to my previous visits to Bruntwood. Open meadows, streams and – most significantly for us –  blackberries. We found a huge bramble bush, laden with the sweetest, tastiest berries. Once the picnic was eaten,

we filled a tub with fruit to take home. On the left is our loot – after a severe battering at breakfast time the following morning, when we all supplemented our cereal with large piles of berries.

Also spotted at Bruntwood were rosehips, if you fancy making some rosehip syrup, and sloes, for all you gin lovers out there.

Who doesn’t love free food?

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2 Responses to Brilliant Bruntwood Brambles

  1. Calif Lorna says:

    I’ve got a great recipe for blackberry mousse – it’s wonderful. Let me know if you pick more and would like it!

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