Incredible Edible Prestwich and District

Great news for people in Prestwich and the surrounding area who like the idea of eating locally grown, healthy food. A group of local residents have been inspired by gardening projects in other areas, such as Todmorden and Ramsbottom, and have set up Incredible Edible Prestwich and District.

I’ve been in touch with George Heron from the group, and am excited to hear about some of the upcoming projects in Prestwich and Whitefield.

Coming up very soon, is a project in Philips Park, Whitefield, one of my favourite local spots. The plan is to clear a site ready for planting fruit trees. George explained,

“The boarded up buildings remind us that the park was once a home.   Some parts of the gardens are well kept flower gardens open to the public – but we should also remember that a house like the one in Philips Park would have also had a productive garden, growing its own fruit and vegetables.   It would be lovely to restore that tradition and open up neglected parts of the park for people to wander through and share produce amongst park users and the wider community.    That is the aim of Incredible Edible Prestwich and District.”

Volunteers from Incredible Edible Prestwich and District will be working alongside BCTV on 11th and 18th September.

I also love the idea of their project to develop vegetable beds next to the children’s playground at St Mary’s Park in Prestwich, which sounds like a brilliant idea. George had this to say,

“Devoting a small part of a park to growing vegetables, fruit or herbs can enhance the experience of the park for all.   Planting and harvesting provide a new communal activity for park users – and newcomers to the park.  Well chosen planting can make a plot an attractive visual addition to the park.   It can be a reminder that food comes from the land, not in packages from supermarkets and encourage people to grow things in their own gardens.   The Incredible Edible, Prestwich and District plots will be at the heart of St Mary’s Park, next to the children’s playground in order to have the maximum impact.”

You can see photos of the planned sites of these projects and read more about them here. If this sounds like something you’d like to get involved with, please get in touch with George by emailing him at george at heronbg dot info, or visit the website and fill in the contact form. You don’t need to be a gardening expert, just willing and able.

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3 Responses to Incredible Edible Prestwich and District

  1. Mary Clark says:

    Sounds amazing. My kids have picking their ien fruit, and seeing where their food comes from. I love the idea of a place that has been inhabited & loved becoming part of a community again.

  2. maryfclark says:

    we’ve got a little garden w’in the school grounds, and the kids are eating raspberries at play times at the moment, but it is mainly flowers. hmmm. good idea for next spring.

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