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I was reading “To Hull and Back: On Holiday in Unsung Britain” by Times travel writer Tom Chesshyre, whilst staying with my parents near Wolverhampton for a couple of days. I’ve got as far as reading about Chesshrye’s adventures in Hull, Slough and Salford so far; as you’ve probably gathered, he’s exploring UK destinations not usually found at the top of tourists’ mini break list. Well, I’m pretty sure that Wolverhampton does not figure highly on many lists of UK locations “you simply MUST visit”, but I reckon it’s time for a rethink. So, in order to do my bit to change perceptions of Wolverhampton, I present you with “Wolverhampton: the mini break mini series. Part 1, in which I visit Tettenhall vilage Green.”

I must confess that, despite growing up near Wolverhampton, I had never actually visited Tettenhall before yesterday. I’d driven through once, but that was it. I had no idea what I was missing out on. From May to September there is a brilliant reason to visit Tettenhall, two miles from the centre of Wolverhampton; the biggest, cleanest, most fabulous paddling pool I’ve ever seen. And paddled in, I must confess. Yes, I pretend that I’m visiting for the sake of my three year old, but honestly? I’m a sucker for any kind of outdoor paddling/swimming/generally watery experience, and Tettenhall paddling pool is amazing.

Our trip to Tettenhall started well. We drove into the car park on Upper Green and immediately spotted the special parking space “Reserved for ice cream van”. You have to love a place that looks after visitors’ needs like that. We couldn’t see any pay and display signs, so Grandma Parklover went to check with one of the young men brandishing pool nets and brooms to check if there were any charges. “It’s free! Park here all day!” was his cheery reply.

It would be remiss of me not to point out that this young man and his colleagues are doing a sterling job with their nets and brooms. The water in this huge paddling pool was crystal clear. The paddling pool is set in a large park area and surrounded by mature trees, with toilet facilities handily provided next to the car park. When we arrived (11am on a Tuesday) it was deserted, but I imagine on a sunny summer weekend, the grass surrounding the pool resembles a packed beach.

It wasn’t long before CJ and I were splashing around in the pool. It’s actually quite deep in places, I had to roll my knee length skirt over a few times in the manner of a rebellious school girl in order to avoid a soggy hem. Good job I’d changed CJ into her cossie, as the water was up to her bum.

The pool was just starting to get a bit busier when we dried off and went for a mooch around some of the shops on Tettenhall Green on the other side of the busy road. I’d recommend Robinson’s Butcher and Deli very highly. I bought a pleasingly heavy bag of cakes from this foodie haven as I remembered that they supply the cakes to Bantock House cafe, which will feature in Wolverhampton: the mini break mini series. Part 2, in which we visit Bantock House and Park.” Coming soon…

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11 Responses to Upper Green, Tettenhall

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  2. Michelle says:

    I want to go there and will put in on my ‘to do when visit UK’ list:-) Lovely photos! xo

    • Kath H says:

      Hi Michelle – it is lovely, and Wolverhampton is not somewhere that people would usually think of visiting. Make sure you put Manchester (where I live) on your to do list as well, I’ll show you around!

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  4. Wilf says:

    Thank you for writing such lovely things about Tettenhall. I’ll be sure to tell the rest of the team how much you enjoyed your visit.
    Please feel free to follow us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/wolvesparkies and on Facebook http://bit.ly/wilfFB and Flickr http:..www.flickr.com/groups/wolvesparkies.

  5. Elaine says:

    Lovely photos and a fab day out – lets hope we get a few more sunny days so you get to go again

    • Parklover says:

      Yes, that would help! From my posts you’d think we’d had a lovely summer – they’ve all been visits where we’ve grabbed the opportunity while the sun shines for a few hours.

  6. sapphirecat says:

    I’m glad you’re saying nice things about Wolverhampton. Some people don’t like it at all.

  7. clare says:

    are the toilets free heard a rumour you have to pay 10p

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