Marie Louise Gardens



I spotted Marie Louise Gardens when I was driving past on the way to somewhere else. The sign can be seen from the road, but not much else is visible, hidden by trees. On a whim, I recently decided to stop, instead of driving past once again.

The gardens were given to the people of Manchester in 1903 by Josephine Silkenstadt, in memory of her daughter. When I visited, they were quiet, and virtually deserted. I only had squirrels for company, doubtless attracted by the huge variety of trees.

There must be many people who drive past Marie Louise Gardens. Stop and have a look. One of the many reasons I love Manchester, is that I so often find a great park when I’m not even looking for one. No matter where you are, you’re not far from somewhere lovely to play, walk, run or chill out. In this case, a brief detour takes you away from the noise and traffic of Palatine Road, to a place where you’ll want to sit down and chill out. Well worth stopping on a whim for.

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4 Responses to Marie Louise Gardens

  1. Sam says:

    Funny, I only went past Marie Louise Gardens last weekend and said “oh what a lovely name, I really should go there!”

    The photos look quite pretty, I can’t wait to get my bike fixed and cycle down there! 🙂

  2. Jude says:

    I love Marie Louise Gardens, it’s our closest park, and it’s always a haven of peace and tranquility – I think so few people know about it. It’s not large, but you can always find a corner to yourself if you want to. My kids love it too – there’s no play equipment, but they call it the ‘squirrel park’ because it’s always full of squirrels. It’s a great place for nature activities with the variety of trees etc. there.

    • Parklover says:

      Hi Jude. Yes, it must be great for nature trails with all those different types of trees. I’ll be blogging soon about a couple of gardens that I’ve visited recently. No play equipment either, but my daughter loved them. Brilliant for hide and seek!

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