Victoria Park, Stretford



You can tell when a place is well used and well loved, and the feeling is catching. We hit Victoria Park as the clouds parted and the sunshine reminded us that it is, allegedly, summer. Many Stretfordians (is that a word?) had the same idea, and the park was pleasantly busy.

The first thing we spotted when we arrived, was the “Welcome to Victoria Park” mosaic, which creates a lovely first impression. It was produced by local artist Amanda McCrann along with local school children. Take a while to look at this up close – it’s beautiful and  features some of the natural delights you might spot in the park if you’re observant and lucky! Amanda is currently working on another mosaic project in Victoria Park, so watch this space.

We were serenaded by a group of teenagers singing along with their ipod, surprisingly tunefully, as we played on the larger playground (pictures bottom, in the background) near the mosaic. Next to this area is a community noticeboard, the first of many we encountered on this trip. They give the overwhelming impression that this place is a source of enjpyment, as well as pride, to many local people. There’s information about events and wildlife, and photos of recent projects and activities. The Friends of Victoria Park are clearly a very active bunch!

We did an anti-clockwise lap around the park and found plenty to keep our interest along the way. It was tempting to have a nice sit down before we got very far.

This beautiful line of trees takes you alongside a huge football pitch and on towards the tennis courts.

We had a long stop off at the toddler playground where it was lovely to find some unusual features that captured my daughter’s imagination. We loved the train and castle carved out of wood, and my daughter made a beeline for the noticeboard giving information on the various bugs and creepy crawlies you might encounter here. There are lots of trees around this play area, making it a great place to play on a hot day – although the chance would be a fine thing!

Carrying on with our lap of the park, we were impressed with the formal flowerbeds, which were being tended to by a gardener as we passed. Victoria Park combines outdoor fun with public art, an awareness of wildlife and traditional floral displays. You can’t really ask more than that of a local park!

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8 Responses to Victoria Park, Stretford

  1. Hi, I’m the chairperson for the Friends group – and I am very glad you had a pleasant visit to the park. Come back in October and see the huge improvements we have been able to fund this year. Our launch party is on Sat Oct 30th and we’d love to see you there.
    Cheers, Shelly

    • Kath H says:

      Hi Shelley – will do my best to come to the launch party and will certainly do my bit to spread the word! Congrats on all the work you do there at Victoria Park, it’s a fab place for everyone to visit.

  2. As a Stretfordian I very much approve of your review 😀

    We love Vicky Park! My Mum teaches at the school across the road so my sister and I spent hours of our youth there waiting for her to finish work. Last time we were there there were lots of people watching a band playing next to the play area. It’s so lovely when local facilities are well used.

  3. Sandra Holdridge says:

    After my fathers death in 2007, his sister came up north to visit and she took me for a tour around Stretford as my fathers family were born and raised at 113 school road Stretford. anyway, my grandad, William Bracegirdle, used to be a blacksmith, his smithy was, i believe, where the Stretford Mall stands now. My aunt took me to Victoria Park and showed me the huge black wrought iron gates before telling me my grandad had made them. I was in awe, they are beautiful, assuming they are the original gates? The park is a beautiful area, very well cared for and whilst there my young son spent quite a while lovingly playing on the park. the park is a credit to everyone involved in maintaining it.

  4. Sandra – what a wonderful story – could you please copy it onto our feedback page on our website for the park? please.
    Also I would love to find out any more info you might have? Do you have a picture of your grandad or of the smithy? We are looking into getting th gates refurbished and the grant making bodies love to know the social history of things like this. If you want to get in touch with me then you can email me directly at – I would love to speak to you.

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