Platt Fields through the seasons

You don’t always need a playground to have fun playing in the park. Although there are lovely playgrounds at Platt Fields Park, my daughter has just as much fun exploring nature in winter…

…and in spring.

Part of The Gallery.

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7 Responses to Platt Fields through the seasons

  1. Judith Green says:

    Beautiful…I especially love the Spring one! By the way the link from Sticky Finger’s blog doesn’t work. x

  2. Phew…got here! Glad you posted another link, I was worrying about you!

    Gorgeous photos. I love the seasonal changes in this country, we are so lucky and being outside whatever the weather is just the best thing! I love both photos, they are absolutely fab!

  3. Alethea Hill says:

    Oh what a perfect puddle. My little man has to be surgically removed from his wellies! And the blossom rain is my favorite time of year.

  4. Nova says:

    the carpet of blossom….beautiful. :0)

  5. Mirka Moore says:

    Great shots, I love the walking in a puddle 😉

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