Dukinfield Park



It’s always a treat to find a great park without trying very hard. CJ and I found ourselves at picturesque Dukinfield Park after a quick look in the A-Z to see if there were any parks near to Dukinfield Cricket Ground, where we were headed to watch Mr Parklover’s latest match. Happily Dukinfield Park is just round the corner, a stone’s throw from the fabulously ornate Dukinfield Town Hall.

We enjoyed classic cricket watching weather. Murky, grey and so cold we had to wear woolly hats. Our hearts were quickly warmed though, by the promising entrance – the beautiful and ornate gates pictured above, backed by some rather grand steps. Don’t worry about the look of those steps if you have mobility problems or have a pram to push, as there are sloping paths to the side of the stairway to park heaven.

After a steep climb you’ll find some really attractive flowerbeds and numerous frothy pink blossom trees. Facilities wise, there’s a pretty bowling green, hard courts and zoned playgrounds built into the hill. At the top of the park is a playground for younger children and 2 slides which take you down the hill into the older children’s play area. It was lovely to see both play areas being really well used, with plenty of older kids flinging themselves round the more challenging equipment. We spent lots of time on the swings, looking out over a fantastic view towards the hills.

Compact, well designed and beautifuly kept, we were really impressed by what we found. If further proof is needed of this park’s good looks, a newly married couple arrived to pose for their wedding photos whilst we were there. Hope they didn’t find any rogue photos in their collection featuring a crazy haired child, brandishing a large stick, running around in the background……

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3 Responses to Dukinfield Park

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  2. mr a,laven says:

    i would like to know if bowlin can still be played in dukinfield ,by teams in the tames in the tames leauges, and at what cost.

  3. HIS says:

    I write a blog about memorial drinking fountains and I’m currently working on the LOST fountain from this park. My blog is a perfect companion to PARKLOVER. You can view my blog at memorialdrinkingfountains.wordpress.com

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