Hare Hill Park, Littleborough



We accidentally ended up at Hare Hill Park in Littleborough last Saturday. A trail of events involving a cricket shop and some fish and chips led us to this rather beautiful place, its beauty only enhanced by some very welcome sunshine.

This park actually houses the local library, as well as playgrounds and a bowling club, so if you’re here in the week it has even more going for it.

We initially found ourselves on the older children’s playground. There’s a new looking bike and skate ramp and I found myself wondering why this had been built right next to the play area as, perhaps inevitably, I had to shield CJ’s little ears from the vocal output of some rather sweary teens. However, we later discovered a second playarea aimed at younger children. As you were, sweary teens, (although bear in mind, it’s not big or clever.) To be honest, CJ had a good go at most of the equipment on the older play area, but then she does have big ideas. I really liked the slide which oculd only be accessed by climbing the spiders web/rope/pyramid thingy. The only downside was that I banged my head on one of the bars on it, as I had to bend down and hover behind CJ as she flew up it.

So, on to the younger play area. To get there we walked along a path which overlooks formal gardens and a bandstand (see photo at top of post) and got some fabulous views over to the hills. The play area shares this outlook and was a lovely place to spend time, as well as having some brilliant features to please your kids. And an ice cream van parked up – ideal. There are large trees here for shade and plenty of benches for weary grownups. I always get a bit of a thrill when I spot something I’ve not seen before at a playground – and I loved the mini racetrack here for scooters, trikes and bikes, very cool. I must confess, I got rather carried away and had a little go on the slide. The shame. I can confirm it is good and slidy and even has a cute hidden swing underneath.

We had to take a quick loo break – I tried to follow the sign but couldn’t see anything resembling a toilet. We were called over by a very friendly man at the bowling club and invited to use their toilet as, it transpired, the uninviting looking locked lock-up next to the club was, in fact, the toilet. The official toilet is only open during the week, but ask to use the bowling club toilet if they are locked.

This park is fabulous. There is a good “Friends of the Park” website – members are rightly proud of their great local park. Visit and enjoy!

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7 Responses to Hare Hill Park, Littleborough

  1. Nova says:

    What a pretty place and great equipment.
    Yes, sweary teens are a pain, the last time we were at a park ( whilst son 1 was playing football match) i took the younger ones to the play area but the language of the adult team was horrendous and I thought a big fight was about to happen.
    Ouch, I hope your head is ok.

    • parklover says:

      To be fair, the teens were just being teens. I love seeing older kids enjoying themselves at the park and, more often than not, I find they are actually pretty considerate of younger children. I know that’s not always the case, but I’m just speaking from our own experiences. I can’t really grumble about older kids sometimes using equipment aimed at younger ones, as I have confessed to dabbling on the slide – I think it’s only a problem if they’re stopping youngsters using it, or intimidating them.
      As for adult football teams, I used to run at a track where footballers trained on the infield. The language used by some of them was appalling even though we had some young kids running with us. So important to remember that kids copy our behaviour I think.

  2. Looks like a great find. I love that the library is in there too…perfect!

    • parklover says:

      I love the idea that the library is there too. I noticed something on the Friends of Hare Hill Park website about the possible closure of the library though, which seems like a real shame, although I don’t know what the proposed alternative is. Must have a better look.

  3. What a lovely review of our park. Littleborough is very proud of it and we are glad you enjoyed your visit. Apologies for the sweary teens (it really gets my goat, too) but I’m afraid it is a problem everywhere.

    • Parklover says:

      Hi, thanks for your comments. Glad you like the review. As for the teens, as I’ve said before they were just being teens! Not doing any harm in the grand scheme of things.

      • If you can, come again on 21st July when we are holding our annual Rushbearing Festival. There’ll be lots of things going there – dog agility displays, viking battles, fun fair, and more. All free, of course.

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