Welcome to Whitefield

What’s my neighborhood like?

Well, there’s Whitefield Park…

There’s Philips Park…

There’s Hamilton Road Park…

There’s Hurst Wood…

Other than parks, there are lots more cool things about living in Whitefield particularly Slattery’s chocolate emporium, Roma Deli and frequent trams into Manchester.

Oh, and there’s the M60…

Well, you can’t have it all!

Part of the Gallery at Sticky Fingers.

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16 Responses to Welcome to Whitefield

  1. Ha ha trust you to list all the parks! Can take a bit of motorway if all those lovely places are the prize. So great to have places like that to visit if they’re on your doorstep.

  2. MrsW says:

    Adore the colour and hint of sunflare in that first photo – tis much in the way of lush 🙂

  3. Hayley says:

    You have so many parks you lucky thing! We dont have that many quality ones tbh which is a real shame! 😦

    • parklover says:

      That’s a shame, good parks make such a difference to people I think. I hadn’t realised how lucky we are round here until I started to try and find nice ones near my parents house.

  4. Chelle says:

    Great you have so many parks in your area. And every park is different so it never gets bored.
    In my area only one park ‘Van Bergen IJzendoornpark’ (impossible to prenounce for English folks:-)) but it is landscaped in English style in 1901.

    • parklover says:

      There are actually some more parks in Whitefield that I didn’t have photos of. We are incredibly lucky here.

  5. whatshappeningatmyhouse says:

    Lovely photos – except the motorway one, obvs! Lucky you to have such lovely places to visit close by. x

    • parklover says:

      The M60 has its benefits though – as it’s built in a cutting the noise is not too bad and you can’t see it until you’re right next to it. It’s ver useful for getting places quickly!

  6. JulieB says:

    A fellow park lover – so lovely. I like the way they are all slightly different, with a little something for everyone.

    • parklover says:

      It is lovely to have such a variety of parks to visit. I love your pictures, am curious to know wherabouts you live!

  7. New Mummy says:

    Luck you all those parks! We have just the one but it is great x

    • parklover says:

      We are very lucky, it’s true! At least your one park is great, I fear some areas don’t even have that.

  8. Calif Lorna says:

    Love the M60! Nice to see the sun is shining is all your photos!

    • parklover says:

      I hadn’t noticed that – when I originally blogged about Philips Park we’d been there on a day when it was raining heavily, so the pics were all blurry ones of CJ in a rainsuit!

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