Hamilton Road Park, Whitefield



I was surprised to see so few people at Hamilton Road Park on a beautiful warm and sunny November morning. Perhaps people are already in “winter mode”  – in fairness it had been raining earlier in the morning. When we arrived at the park – CJ riding “bigbike” down the long and winding ramp whilst I “raced her” by sneaking down the shortcut steps – most of the equipment was quite wet, but a good wipe with a trusty muslin cloth did the trick. I’m all for enjoying the park in all weathers, but you do need to have your kit with you. I always have a cloth in my bag or an old teatowel in the boot, if we’re in the car. After all, no-one wants a wet bum.P1000729

This playground is aimed at toddlers. It was the first playground we took CJ to and is perfect for park novices as they can try everything out. There’s swings, a seesaw, springies, a little house, an abacus and noughts and crosses game (we were here in frosty midwinter once and had to prise these apart before we could play with them) and a slide. My only gripe here is the slide – you have to access it via a climbing ramp, which is quite difficult and made harder by the fact that some of the grips have come off. Having said that, CJ can just about manage it by pulling herseld up by the handrails. It’s not ideal though. Other than this minor complaint, this is an excellent place to bring your tots. It has the added bonus of some circular paths, great for learner cyclists and also is a favourite place for locals to bring their dogs for a runaround. We often enjoy added entertainment from the canine community, racing around the outside of the fenced-in circular play area. Also here are 2 tennis courts which might be handy if you have older children with you.

Hamilton Road Park has a lovely setting in a conservation area – it’s overlooked by some lovely old houses on Hamilton Road, which I often find myself coveting. It’s also handy for Whitlefield’s many amenities which I mention in this post about Whitefield Park, which is just down the road. Additionally, there’s a new winebar and cafe “The White Room” opened just over the road. I haven’t managed to go yet, but it seems very popular after only a couple of weeks. If you’re coming by bus, there’s a stop right outside the park (numbers 135 and 98).P1000728

This is a great example of a local community park, well used and well maintained. It suffers from graffitti like many places, but this is regularly cleaned off. There was very little visible this Saturday, but we’re regulars so we see it appear and disappear. Kudos to Bury council for keeping on top of things here, it really makes a difference to the feel of the place. And this park does have a lovely feel to it, overlooked by Stand cricket club and with regular “neenaws” from the nearby ambulance and police stations, your toddler is sure to enjoy it!

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5 Responses to Hamilton Road Park, Whitefield

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  2. kestrel says:

    We have nice parks too and since it is sunny, ours are do not have artificial turf but lovely soft grass all year. It can get a bit muddy during the rains but the sun is so hot, everything is dried up by evening when the kids come out to play.

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  4. mrs wright says:

    My son has hours of fun in the football cages playing with all ages fun and friendly football games set up by the boys who meet there regular at weekends he’s 11 and has benefited from whitefield park for 7 years 🙂

  5. Joanna says:

    This park used to be all tennis courts, some people still call it ‘the tennis courts’. Strange how many local parks had tennis courts really! The tiny park at Blackford Bridge used to have two!

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