Longford Park, Stretford




P1000605I decided on Longford Park, Stretford for today’s park visit as it’s near to Chorlton and I needed to get a present for a friend and fancied popping into a few independent shops rather than trudging around the city centre. Longford park is well signposted from Edge Lane, although you could easily miss the turning off Cromwell Road for the carpark. The park is fairly big and situated between Stretford and Chorlton. There is an excellent Friends of Longford Park website and they highlight the fact that the park is in need of investment. This may be true, but we found Longford Park to have a lot going for it.

There are 2 really nice play areas for younger and older children. CJ had a little try on the older playground. There’s a really fun looking climbing frame with a large metal tube slide – when you get round the side of it though, you can see that it’s rather graffitti riddled, which could easily be remedied.

A big plus point of this park is the many mature trees, gorgeous at this time of year. CJ loved crunching and kicking theP1000612 autumn leaves as we walked along and I don’t need the excuse of being with a small child to enjoy the same activity! The younger children’s play area is lovely, set amidst these trees. I imagine this would make for useful shaded areas when the sun’s out, but alas the skies were grey and we were just glad that it didn’t rain whilst we were there. There are some fun and quirky features here – I loved the wooden planks which you jump on, making a noise like the mouse organ on Bagpuss. CJ was a bit too light to make much noise out of them, so I just HAD to help…There’s also a cute  globe roundabout that I would guess has been here a long time, but which has had safety flooring put underneath it to bring it up to date. I struggled to get an in-focus picture as it was whizzing around so quickly!

There is a small pets corner here with birds and rabbits, and some pleasant gardens to wander through. The Friends of P1000615Longford Park identify these as an area needing improvement. They are nice, but could be stunning. If you like squirrel spotting these gardens are the place for you – if you look closely at the photo on the left, you’ll see one on the railing chomping on a nut. CJ had lots of fun jumping on and off a tree stump, and she made use of the grass verge for a wee as we hadn’t spotted any toilets.

I’d thought we might be in for rain, so I didn’t pack a picnic – hence I treated us to lunch at The Lead Station on Beech Road. I know it’s well known to many, but it deserves a special mention for being so family friendly. I was so impressed with how welcome we were made to feel and with how warm and friendly the service was. If you’re not familiar with this place and you’re in the area and want to treat yourself, the food is also fab – my veggie burger and chips was £8.65, but was freshly made, delicious and so filling it kept me going all day. I required no evening meal despite going for a 5 mile run when CJ went to bed! There were many cheaper things on the lunch  menu and the children’s menu was good value at £3.95 for a choice of main items plus a side order.

I hope that Longford Park does receive some further investment. It’s a lovely place and I met some lovely people in the short time we were there. We’ll definitely return. Go now and enjoy the autumn leaves!


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13 Responses to Longford Park, Stretford

  1. Good to see you made it to my local park! We like Longford – and hope it gets the investment it deserves (Friends of Longford Park hope to turn the little house just by the younger children’s play area into a cafe, which would be fantastic…).

  2. Hello, I recently discovered your blog, I really like it as I love parks. I write a fanzine too and in the last issue I had an article called ‘The Garden City’ about my favourite parks. I visited Stretford recently and really liked Gorse Hill Park, I think it was. It has the best play area I have ever visited! Also, Phillips Park in Clayton is really nice. It has community allotments and bowling greens and two separate play areas (one of which has a zip wire with a tire!).

    • parklover says:

      Hi, I’ve also found your blog recently via a tweet from the ‘zedders, it’s great. Also joined your facebook group a few days ago (I’m Kath Horwill). I tried to download your fanzine as I wanted to read your article on your favourite parks, but I downloaded the 1st edition – no matter, as I’m enjoying reading that instead! Must try to download the 2nd one though. I think what you’re doing is great and well done on making the blog awards shortlist! Thanks for the park tips, I’m doing really well for suggestions from fellow bloggers. MyShittyTwenties recommended Clifton, which we loved – now you’ve said Gorse Hill has the best play area ever, I’m going to have to go there too!

  3. wife of bold says:

    That park sounds brilliant, glad you had such a lovely day and a 5 mile run at the end of god your superwoman 🙂

  4. Lindy says:

    Longford park is one of my favorites even though it is a bit on the shabby size. I prefer shabby to chavvy!

  5. rylands says:


    I’m with the Friends of Longford Park and was really pleased that you enjoyed your visit to Longford park.

    Longford Park is a decent place to visit but with some investment could be really good. A People’s Millions bid to transform part of Longford Park has been shortlisted for a £50,000 Lottery award – and the bid will be successful if local people vote on Wednesday 25 November to secure the funding.

    The scheme will feature on Granada TV’s evening news programme on Wednesday 25 November.
    Voting phone lines will open at 9am on this day and close at midnight. The number to ring will be published at 9am on the following website:-
    Calls on a BT landline cost 10p and you are allowed to vote a maximum of ten times.
    PLEASE show your support and encourage people you know to support this bid.
    More details can be found at http://folp.org.uk or by searching for ‘Vote Longford Park’ on Facebook

    • parklover says:

      Hi, that’s excellent news! I will absolutely encourage people to support this in any way I can. Good luck!

  6. rylands says:

    Thanks very much for your support,

    Friends of Longford Park

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  8. Anne Elvin nee Hughes born 1940 says:

    I have so many happy memories of Longford Park. I lived near to where the swings were near Kings Road. I had many happy free hours playtime on the roundabouts slide and the other umbrella roundabout slide see saw. We had a wonderful cafe when I went to buy sweets on the Sunday Morning when they came off the ration! I do wish that our young people had the same activities we had when we were young, which were free and good for meeting with friends. Te Tennis courts, the baseball games which we enjoyed watching. There was music played on the Band Stand which so many folks enjoyed. The fair that used to come the pageant and simply the open spaces to enjoy. The Rock Gardens that had so many bridges for us to play and run on. How lucky we were!
    I still have many friends who remember the same enjoyment that we all enjoyed together.
    Long may it continue!

  9. Townsend ex-Marlborough Road says:

    What about a bit of history? Who once owned it?

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