Nuttall Park, Ramsbottom




I’ve been promising my parents a trip to Falshaw’s Farm Shop, just off Walmersley Road near Ramsbottom, since I first came across it a couple of months ago. The weather was nice enough today to take advantage of the open area at the back of the cafe overlooking the farm, and to admire the views out to Manchester and beyond. Falshaw’s is easy to find as it’s well signposted from J1 of the M66 or from Walmersley Road if you’re driving from Bury or Ramsbottom. We tucked into homemade pies from the specials board and homemade icecreams, all reasonably priced and delicious. The ginger icecream was particularly good. They were setting up for a children’s birthday party as we left – prices start from £5.99 per head. There’s also an onsite butcher here and you can also buy their meat or fruit pies to take home. Falshaw’s is open Tuesday-Sunday.

After our food, we went outside for a look at the animals, which included baby chicks, 2 very young calves along with sheep and ducks. CJ also enjoyed a play on their mini tractor and there are a couple of slides for little ones.The photo’s from a previous, sunnier visit.Nuttall park Ramsbottom, playground

We rounded of our afternoon out with a trip to Nuttall Park in Ramsbottom, about 5 minutes away in the car. This is another of Bury’s Green Flag Sites recognised for it’s excellent facilities. There’s a very nice play area with all the usuals and also a “balance challenge” with beams and an impossible looking chain to walk along. I confessed in my last post on Clifton Country Park that I’d have been straight on the balance challenge there given half a chance. Well, I turned around this afternoon to find my Mum walking along a beam holding my Dad’s hand. I obviously take after her! No photo of her exploits though, or else I’ll be in trouble.

We took the bike for a spin around the path which goes around the perimeter of the park, with views of the river and of Peel Tower. The trees in Nuttall Park hide any views of Ramsbottom Town itself, so there’s is quite a feeling of seclusion here – lovely. It’s very close to the East Lancs Railway though, and you can hear the odd tooty-toot of a steam train.

There’s an interesting information board about the history of Nuttall Park and also the usual information board which featured a poster for the fun sounding “Wellies and Worms” sessions run every other Monday in term time for under fives and their parents featuring outdoor play – you are warned to wear appropriate clothing as sessions take place whatever the weather! The next ones are on Mon 28th September and Mon 12th October peel tower from nuttall park, ramsbottom1.30 – 3.00. Toilets are open only if the park ranger is there – they were closed on our visit.

The sun came out just as we were reaching the end of our visit and we made fools of ourselves dancing with our shadows on the vast expanse of grass. We were confused as to why CJ suddenly lay face down on the grass. “I’m giving shadow a cuddle” was her super-cute reply. We waved our shadows and Nuttall Park goodbye and headed home to brush off her head to toe covering of grasscuttinP1000582gs.

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2 Responses to Nuttall Park, Ramsbottom

  1. Gemma says:

    Hi, am loving your blog my little boy is now at the stage where we need to get out and about and your blog has made me realised just how much green space there is so close. We seem to be visiting new parks every week at the moment and most of them after reading about them on here. So thank you keep up the posts.

    • parklover says:

      Thanks for reading and for your lovely comments Gemma. You’ve made my day! I’m so glad you find my little blog useful. I hope you and your little boy continue to enjoy the parks as much as we do!

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