Town Meadow Park, Tottington



I spotted Town Meadow Park last week after taking CJ to a playgroup at Tottington Methodist Church. Having worked full time until recently, I have only just had the chance to start going to such activities. I visited a local one and, to be honest, found it a bit of a trial. I persevered as CJ loves playing with all the toys, but felt very lost amid all the groups of chatting mums who all seemed to know each other. I resorted to sending Mr Parklover texts saying, “I’m in purgatory at playgroup” and “It’s just got a bit better, I’ve had a bourbon.” So now I’ve copped out and we go to Tottington, where my friend, who has Mondays off goes. Now I can chat to her whilst CJ pushes around teddies in prams to her heart’s content. P1000570

Playgroup finishes at 11.30, giving us time for some park action before lunch. There’s a carpark serving the library and park, follow the path round either side of the bowling green to get to the playground and playing field. There’s the usual range of climbing frame, seesaws, swings, springies etc as well as some equipment for slighlty older children. The playing field has a path all the way around the edge, so is great for riding bikes round. This is one of Bury’s Green Flag accredited parks and also has tennis courts.

As the park is right in the town centre, it’s a good opportunity to check out some of Tottington’s independent shops. The Village Butcher is just up the road, you will spot their comedy noticeboards on the street. They are excellent and very friendly. I can’t knit but was quite taken with the gorgeous yarn and fabulous list of knitting workshops listed in the window of The Knitting Room. There’s not much on their website, but it does have an email where you can get more info. Cafe Turin opened recently. I haven’t been, but my sources tell me they have excellent hot chocolate and cookies. If you turn right when you get to Carmelo’s Italian Restaurant, you’ll shortly come to Holly Mount Farmshop on the left, which also sells a wide range of meat.

Sadly, I only left Tottington with some minced beef and a block of cheese – but now I am aware of the possibility of knitting some jewellery!


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2 Responses to Town Meadow Park, Tottington

  1. Sian says:

    I quite fancy taking up knitting too! They have full day beginners workshops there sometimes which I am really tempted to go to!!!

  2. parklover says:

    I know, it’s a lovely idea isn’t it? Only trouble is, I’m not sure when we’d get chance to use our new found skills. I’ve heard tell of a supply teacher who used to sit in lessons and get her knitting out, so maybe that’s the way forward for me!

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