Princes Park, Irlam



princes 09093

We were off to watch Mr Parklover play cricket in Irlam, so the A-Z came out and the local park duly located. There’s an impressive range of facilities on offer here and the park is behind Irlam’s pool, so you could combine a visit with a swim. If you come into the park via the carpark, rather than via the play area further down Liverpool Road, you come immediately to the skatepark. I am no expert, but this looks like lots of fun – if you know what you’re doing! It’s certainly popular with local teens, who were out practicing their skills. We enjoyed watching them speed around, fly off the ramps and spin – the only drawback is that later on CJ appeared to think that she could  copy these tricks on “bigbike”!princes 09091

There’s plenty of open space for running around, games or picnics and there’s also a spacious playground with the usual favourites. Additionally, there’s a council-run garden centre where you can also buy icecreams and use the toilets (ask staff to open them for you.)

A great local park, where we happily spent an hour or so – probably a big draw if you have BMX or skateboard loving older kids.

princes 09094

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