Bruntwood Park, Cheadle


Today got off to a mixed start. Sun seeping in from behind the curtain – result! Realisation that Mr Parklover had gone off to work with “bigbike” in his boot – curses.P1000482

We focused on the positives – fantastic weather – and packed a picnic ready to enjoy a trip out without the need for wellies or all in one rainsuits. I decided on Bruntwood Park, as I have a copy of the very brilliant “Babies in the City” (what to do in and around Manchester for under fives) and every time CJ gets hold of it, she points to the picture of a girl going down a slide there and says “want to go there Mummy”.

There’s a pay and display car park, so I decided to put in £2 for 4 hours parking. Good job, as we used up the entire 4 hours. This park is lots of fun, and beautiful on a warm Indian summer day like today. The absence of “Bigbike” was quickly forgotten.

There are several playgrounds linked by paths, but seperated by trees and hills. They are aimed at different agegroups, with a terrific zipwire greeting you as you walk in. I would have loved a go. There’s also a tall helter skelter type slide and a tyre swing, amongst other things. P1000481

There are 2 areas aimed at younger children and we spent our time in between the 2. Both have slides, seesaws and climbing frames, one has a large spiders web and the other has springies, swings and a roundabout. One of the climbing frames has a very popular little nook housing a “car” with steering wheel and accelerator pedal. Watch out for “road rage” as over eager drivers nudge smaller “learners” out of the way!

P1000485One problem we had, was the very low flying planes coming in to land at the nearby airport. Lots of kids will obviously love this and will wave away (they are so low, the passengers are probably waving back!), but if your child doesn’t like loud noises it may present a problem. CJ loves plane spotting, but is very nervous of loud noises. I am often found patiently explaining to her that this is illogical, as she is the very loudest thing I’ve ever met and so should really be frightened of herself. This usually makes her scream even louder.

After a few shaky moments, with cuddles demanded every time a plane appeared above the treetops, CJ acclimatised to being under a flightpath. She played for several hours, only stopping for a picnic on a bench overlooking the duckpond, a quick walk round some of the paths and a couple of trips to the toilet (located near the playgrounds). I treated her (ok and myself) to icecream from the kiosk next to the playground, which is open every day selling hot and cold drinks and snacks – research for the blog you understand.

Also in the park are a pitch and putt course, BMX track, the “Vinery” restaurant and cafe and woodland areas. Details of the facilities on Stockport council’s website here.

The journey to Bruntwood Park took us about 30 minutes – but it was definitely worth it, as we had a brilliant day and CJ went straight to sleep tonight from all the fresh air and playground based fun.P1000479

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3 Responses to Bruntwood Park, Cheadle

  1. JulieB says:

    We used to live very close to Bruntwood Park when I was a child – used to love it. They’ve certainly upgraded the play equipment since I was young, though!

    • parklover says:

      It is a lovely park with great equipment. So many parks have been given transformations in the last few years, there are so many great places to visit and so good to see them so well used wherever we go. Everyone likes cheap fun, right?!

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