Heaton Parkrun & Wharf Picnic Site, Ramsbottom


When I started this blog a couple of weeks ago, I was intending to write about running in parks, as well as my many trips to the park with my daughter. However, the start of the blog coincided with my suffering shin splints, or as I shall refer to it, my “shinjury”. Hence not much running to report on. However, I’ve been gradually building my running back up and decided I was fit enough to take part in one of the “parkrun” events. These are completely brilliant, totally free to enter, weekly, timed 5km runs in parks around the country. You just have to register once online and then you can run in any of them around the country, whenever you like. Genius! They are organised and marshalled completely by volunteers, so BIG THANKS to them – must remember to volunteer myself one week!parkrun0509-2

I arrived at Heaton Park at 8.52, just about making it to the startline at 9.00, due to a game of brinkmanship with my alarm clock. Anyone who knows Heaton Park (which I will feature on the blog in all it’s glory v. soon) will predict that even a short 5km run around will involve several respiration defying trips up hills. Nevertheless, I managed to finish in a better state than last time, and tried not to feel too bad about being beaten by several young runners only slightly bigger than CJ.

There is a bubbly, community feel to these runs and if you enjoy running – whatever your speed-and think you can manage to get up early enough, then I would wholeheartedly recommend going to your local parkrun. They are also run weekly at Woodbank Park in Stockport and Bramhall Park.


Later on, we headed out for some well-deserved cake and an afternoon stroll around Ramsbottom.

By late afternoon  CJ was in a strange mood, whereby she veered between demanding to be carried and refusing to go back to the car because she wanted to walk. So, we ended up in the bijou, riverside park area on Bridge Street, just over the road from the Railway Station. It’s part of the Irwell Sculpture Trail and features “The River”, an etched stainless steel path. A fab place to watch the trains go past, watch the ducks, play poohsticks, have some food at one of the picnic benches, collect autumn leaves, look at the artwork at your feet or just generally chill out. Small – but rather perfectly formed.rammy0509-4

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