Buile Hill Park, Salford


I’m starting to realise where I get the obsession from – my Dad’s been staying with us this weekend and brought me a brew in bed this morning before promptly asking “shall we go out to a park, the weather seems ok?” I remembered seeing a listing in the local paper for the “Salford show and horticultural show” at Buile Hill Park, so decided to give it a whirl. buile hill 08.09

Buile Hill Park is easily accessible from the M602 or Manchester city centre via the A6. I think it’s quite near tram stops, but I don’t think they’re running on the Eccles line at the moment, so I’ll investigate that later. I thought this park had a nice feel to it, it’s very leafy and inviting. We had a ride around, it’s a fairly large park with plenty of hills for freewheeling.

Image029There’s a decent sized playground with equipment for different ages – 3 different climbing frames, a selection of swings and a really cute vintage car springie which CJ was very taken with (“it’s got wheels!”). There’s my Dad with CJ on the seesaw – you decide who’s having the most fun!

For older children there are 2 large tyre swings set over sand pits and a scary looking tyre on a zip wire – not sure how this would work, but I would not be trying it out!

My only gripe was that there is a lot of graffitti on the play equipment – I know this is not uncommon in playgrounds, but there was quite alot, and it just takes a little bit away from what’s otherwise a lovely, tree surrounded toddler haven, with views between the branches of the Manchester skyline and the hills beyond.

We had a look at the garden centre as my Dad’s a very keen gardener, but there didn’t seem to be anything there. Attention turned instead to the Salford show – busy and bustling with a fairground, community stalls and a couple of marquees housing the horticultural show’s entries. CJ was most interested in the dancing competition which threw up some difficult questions. Whilst watching the majorettes,”what are they doing?” “They’re spinning their sticks, isn’t that clever!” She then looked at some Morris dancers. “What are they doing?” “Er, dancing”, was the best I could come up with!

buile hill2 08.09

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