Local park versus Further afield

Today I’m considering whether or not being a “parktart” is actually a good thing – so here’s the advantages I can currently think of for staying local or travelling further afield

Staying local:

1. You are more likely to keep seeing the same people, get to know people in your neighbourhood and feel like part of the community. Nice.

2. You can see how your kids gradually master the equipment, or manage to walk or ride the whole way round, when they keep trying.

3. You can walk or ride to your local park. Your kids will learn roadsense, which they won’t get from being ferried around in the car. You’ll all get more exercise – and they’ll be more likely to sleep!

4. You’re not polluting the air or clogging up the roads. You’ll save on petrol too.

5. You can combine your visit with other jobs that need doing e.g. shopping or returning library books.

Travelling further

1. You can meet nice people to chat to anywhere and it’s good to have a change of scene and see new faces.

2. You’ll find lots of different types of play equipment, activities, walks, views, plants and animals to keep you all amused.

3. Your kids can freewheel down steep slopes and see how fast they can ride without worrying about traffic.

4. You can use public transport where practical and make that part of the experience.

5. You can try out new places when you would be travelling past them anyway, just try to plan ahead a bit, or stop somewhere on spec because it looks interesting. It could become a new favourite.

I will sit on the fence and conclude that a mixture of the two is the way forward. Funny that! Anyone else have any thoughts on it?

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