Queen’s Park, Heywood


This was a spur of the moment decision. With an angry grey sky spelling rain any time soon, we got in the car, I looked at the sky and and decided which of our favourites was least likely to result in a soaking. I got it right, as we had an hour and a half before there was any sign of rain.

I am in love with this park, it’s a gem. There are 2 playgrounds, 1 very large and 1 smaller toddler playground – although there’s loads for toddlers on the larger one. The place is so good that it took all my powers of persuasion to get CJ to leave the playground to go to the loo – even though it’s in the cafe handily located right next to the playground. Image040

The large playground is magnificent, part of it is set in sand and built round a large tree, so there’s some shade on sunny days. I’ve included some pictures from the last time we were there a couple of weeks ago, as I thought some of today’s cloudy pictures didn’t do it justice. Hmm, see if you can spot which ones they are!

The toddler playground is super-cute with a fire engine to “drive” and a boat with a slide at the back -CJ loves both. Again, both are set in sand, so you can even bring a bucket and spade.Image043

There are some very unusual features here – a  permanent outdoor theatre and a completely mental outdoor gym – you can see it in the back of the picture of CJ in the fire engine. It seems very popular with older children.

Time passes quickly in this place – a session on each of the playgrounds, a ride round some of the paths on “big bike”, a visit to see the ducks in the lake and a spin round the edge of the tennis courts and bowling green, and we were ready for lunch. I’ve not tried the cafe before, but in the name of research I thought we’d give it a go. Great value – kids meals around £2- 2.45,  sausage and chips etc. They do some lunch boxes as well, with sandwiches and drinks. I didn’t bother with this though and ordered CJ a jacket with cheese off the normal menu, as it was only £2.20. It came with decent side helping of very fresh, chopped salad. My veggie breakfast was fab for £3.50. You can get egg and chips for £2.50, pasta bakes with chips for £3.60 and breakfast is served all day.There are also sandwiches and specials. We were too stuffed for anything else, but some of the cakes here are homemade and I will be trying them at some point in the near future.

The notice board showed lots going on here, including buggy fitness classes. The local government website is very good and the events list up to date.Image018

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5 Responses to Queen’s Park, Heywood

  1. Sarah Furbey says:

    Went to this park today on your recommendation, was a really nice park. Will probably be going back for the carnival on 9th Sept.

    You will have to give Alexandra Park in Oldham a whirl, it’s defiantly my favourite.


  2. Sian says:

    We will definately be going here – looks ace! Lewis will love though I fear I will spend most of my time trying to get him to stay in toddlers area – he has high hopes!!

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