Prestwich farmer’s market and St Mary’s Park



A double park day today. We started off at Prestwich farmer’s market. I think it’s only the second time this market’s been put on, but it was a massive hit – the square in the Longfield Centre was packed with shoppers and it was a great atmosphere. I’m planning to eat a slice of the lemon drizzle cake I bought (from a company called “routeginger”) after I’ve finished posting, so this could be a short one! CJ was mostly concerned with looking at the fountain and her face lit up when I suggested it might be time for the park.Image024

As we were so near, it seemed rude not to pay St Mary’s park a visit. This park, on St Mary’s Road in Prestwich, is one of Bury’s “Green Flag” accredited parks and is a great local park, rightly busy with families of all ages. I’m always impressed that parks in Bury don’t just cater for younger children – there is often some quite scary looking play equipment which is well used by screaming older children, flinging themselves around in the air. Basketball/five aside pitch and tennis courts also freely available here. At the other end of the age range, this park also has equipment suitable for miniature parklovers, including a small slide with a hidden house under it. I’d never have noticed it was under there unless I’d seen CJ nip in there, stick her head out of the window and offer me a drink from the pretend kitchen!

Another plus point here is that there are toilets which are usually open – although this brings it’s own problems with vandalism. Only one is currently available and there’s a sign up to say that the water’s been turned off due to “idiots” (the sign’s words!) blocking the sink and flooding the toilet. What a shame to be hanging around a toilet when there is so much fun to be had out in the park! I enjoyed myself on the seesaw anyway – CJ insisted I get on with her of course…Image028

We went to lunch with a friend at the Three Arrows (Middleton Road next to j19 of the M60)-great food and good choices for kids. Homemade chunky chips and a choice of batters for your fish and chips. Then obviously it would be wrong not to go to Heaton Park as it’s right next door – but I’ll save HP for another time, as we virtually live there.

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