Tandle Hill Country Park


I got very excited this morning when I asked Mr Parklover where his cricket match was today and realised it was quite near to Tandle Hill, which is on my “to do” list. As well as frequenting parks, CJ and I usually go and watch her Daddy play if the weather’s ok. She likes to ride around on “big bike” and it’s a nice safe place for her to play.

Today, the sun was shining on us, so we set off after an early lunch. TOWNY WARNING – I took what appeared to be the quickest route according to the A-Z. However, it transpires that Thornham Lane and Thornham Old Road, which take you from the A664 in Slattocks to Oozewood where the park is, are the kind of unsurfaced country lanes best traversed in a tractor or, at least, some kind of 4×4 beast. My Beetle heaved and squeaked all the way over, and CJ whimpered in the back – an alternative route back to the cricket ground was found!

The journey was worth it though, as Tandle Hill is a beautiful place. It has a small playground just by the carpark at the Tandle Hill Road entrance. This fits into the environment well with bark chippings on the ground and wooden play equipment. A log cabin-style cafe and toilets are just across from the playground. We played here for a while, then went exploring.Image022 There are marked trails that you can follow, but we just followed the paths in the general direction of where I believed there to have been a paddling pool. This was marked on my A-Z, but sadly does not seem to exist (or at least, I couldn’t find it, and it’s not on the maps inside the park). Gutted – I’d taken a towel and everything! Warm weather makes me hanker after paddling pools and lidos, as I have fond memories of splashing around in them as a child.

That was the only disappointment though. This is a peaceful and tranquil place. At times, all we could here were the birds and the only people we saw were a few dog walkers and runners. There are huge mature trees all around and I had the feeling I was somewhere very different – it reminded me of being in the forests in North Wales.

Over to watch Mr Parklover win his cricket match at Thornham – via the A627M, a somewhat different experience to how we got to the park! He won, so it was a good day for all of us.

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4 Responses to Tandle Hill Country Park

  1. sue says:

    Tandle is fantastic!!!!

  2. notsuchayummymummy says:

    My parents house overlooks ‘Tangs’ as we used to call it as kids. Every weekend we’d walk the 10 mins down the dirt track to walk the dogs. I adore Tandle Hills. I had my first kiss there and whenever I felt down would walk up to the monument at the very top of the park and sit looking out over Oldham, my house and more recently the M60 (not the best view admittedly).
    It was the first place I took Sam for a proper walk and I try to get there as often as I can.
    If it snows this year make sure you go back, throwing myself down the hills on my sledge is still one of my favourite childhood memories.

    • parklover says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Emma, loving your childhood memories of this park! It really does bring back memories when you start taking your baby to your own favourite places from when you were growing up, doesn’t it?

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